A Better Way To Finance ...

HomeTap makes investments in residential properties giving homeowners a simple, new and debt-free way to use the equity in their homes.

A new option for homeowners

We invest alongside homeowners providing cash today and participating in the proceeds at the time of a sale. No interest, no monthly payments.

A new asset class for investors

We provide institutional investors scalable access to the equity side of residential real estate. Our funds create diversified participation in this $24 trillion asset class.

Driven by data and analytics

We use data to make simple experiences for homeowners, smart decisions for investors, and powerful tools for employees.

We're here to make home-ownership more accessible, more flexible, and less stressful.

Most American households have the majority of their wealth tied up in home values.

What if homeowners could use that equity to pay off bills, renovate, supplement a fixed income or send their kids to college?

Today, debt and downsizing are the only ways to access home equity.

Our data driven platform powers a simple user experience, scalable process and smart decision making.

We're thinking big.

We're led by a team known for creating successful, customer-first businesses. Backed by a top-tier venture capital firm, we've built, run, and exited some of the fastest growing companies in the US.

Jeffrey Glass

John Baker

Max Campion

Michelle Burke

Sarah Dekin

Brett Garrett

Andrew Vassallo

Charlie Vrettos

Team is everything.

We put business before ego, information before opinion and team before self. There is nothing more rewarding than working with curious, smart and tenacious people.

If that sounds like you, read on.

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Well-rounded web app wunderkind, team mentor and back end builder.

Strategic Finance Associate

Inquisitive quant jock and expert modeler interested in real estate.

VP of Capital Markets

Roll up your sleeves strategist and capital markets wizard.

Data Scientist

Creative, data-driven scientist and machine learning guru.

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